Paranoia about reading “corporate media” makes you stupid

One of the pities of this crazy-pants paranoia that “corporate media” is all deceptions & reading it will rot your brain is that you miss essential news reported by those who often risked & even lost their lives to get it.

Corrupt & oppressive regimes have a different paranoia about those reporters because they kidnap & murder so many, debar & deport so many. The only ones allowed free rein are propagandists being fed “news” by the regimes.

It’s one of the most dangerous & censored occupations in the world. Reporters play an essential role for democracy & those who defame or debase the profession are the real purveyors of fake news & usually defenders of autocracy.

Does media have conservative editorial policies that conflict with reporting? Does the sun rise in the east? Is the pope Catholic? That doesn’t negate for one moment that reporters are doing invaluable & dangerous work to keep us informed. One example alone out of many: Reuters has a series on drug trafficking from China to the Philippines & on Duterte’s death squads. Find any cogent coverage of that by Pepe Escobar & his ilk who think Duterte is unfairly maligned for purposes of regime change?