Cindy Sheehan marches with Assadists

It’s regrettable Cindy Sheehan is frittering away her antiwar authority by posting pro-Russian bombing propaganda by Beeley & Bartlett & scurrilous condemnations of Médicins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders written by Assad supporters. One should think twice about vilifying Médicins Sans Frontières before investigating the allegations since they have been on the front lines in the Ebola epidemic, the refugee crises, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, & elsewhere.

Is she at least a little uncomfortable about promoting Russian bombing of civilians as a liberation? Are US bombs the only ones she thinks barbaric? Has she read anything other than Assad propagandists, like the writings & testimonies of Syrian revolutionists both in Syria & among the refugees? Is she willing to discredit herself by siding with war-mongers rooted in Muslim & Jew-hating?