Opposition to the US draft and the antiwar movement

Donald Rumsfeld, an official in several US regimes & a war criminal, was interviewed on a program about US opposition to the draft. Many claim protests are a waste of time & have no affect on those in power. But according to Rumsfeld, Lyndon Johnson was often unable to leave the White House during protests because it was surrounded & that it was “ugly & difficult” to hear protesters chanting “Hey, hey, LBJ, how many kids did you kill today?”

Antiwar opposition eventually drove LBJ out of office. But not before he made a draft call for 48,000 soldiers. Nixon wanted to end the draft to cut the antiwar movement off at the knees & it was effectively ended in 1973. But in 1980, that born-again champion of the people Jimmy Carter, made it compulsory for all males to register with the Selective Service System. Rumsfeld said he couldn’t foresee in his lifetime (which has already gone on too long) that it would be restored because they judged massive antiwar opposition was very much linked to conscription.

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