On the “lesser evil” shell game in U.S. politics

When Hillary Clinton, whose personality is wooden, if not robotic & whose politics reek of corruption & criminality, is considered not just the lesser of two evils but a desirable candidate, the US political system stands indicted. Her conduct as the shill of US foreign policy was despicable in so many countries but perhaps most evident in Palestine & Haiti. US policy in Palestine bankrolls apartheid & ethnic cleansing & she collaborated with Netanyahu to enforce them. She collaborated as Secretary of State with her husband who was freebooting in Haiti to set up that country as a sweatshop haven for US businesses.

In lesser evil politics, why is so much ignored? Why so many monstrous crimes forgiven or denied? Is ethnic cleansing a gentler thing when Democrats are behind it? Are sweatshops less oppressive? Some will say, “well at least a Democrat will defend women’s reproductive rights.” That hasn’t been demonstrated much in history but even were it so, is that an acceptable tradeoff? Is that what’s meant by lesser evil? That here some get the lesser evil & Palestinians, Haitians, & others get the greater?

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