Obama awards Kissinger for decades of war & human rights crimes

Obama with Kissinger in 2010 (Mandel Ngan:AFP:Getty Images) May 11 2016

On Monday, US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter, acting on behalf of Obama, awarded Henry Kissinger the Distinguished Public Service Award, the highest award presented by the Pentagon to a private citizen.

The list of Kissinger’s human rights & war crimes boggles the mind; the estimates of his victims is in the several millions–including in Chile, Argentina, Vietnam, Cambodia, East Timor, Pakistan just during the Nixon & Ford regimes–& he continued to advise presidents thereafter in several murderous US wars. He reportedly joked & sneered about some of the monstrous crimes he was responsible for.

Some consider the toothy-grinned Obama as cool, hip, a regular fellow who’ll morph into a humanitarian when his term is up. But his association with & honoring of Kissinger (not to mention his several wars) identifies him as a lying-assed scoundrel who merits the condemnation of all men & women of good will.

(Photo is the two war criminals in 2010 by Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images)