London’s new mayor Sadiq Khan is turning out to be a real loser. He staunchly opposes BDS & supports Israel but he’s also something of a dope who’s vowed to help Clinton defeat Drumpf. By getting all the people in England to vote for her?

He’s rip-snorting mad because Drumpf’s proposed ban on Muslims entering the US would prevent his two teenage daughters from visiting Disneyland. The Syrian refugee crisis must have gone right over his head if that’s his chief objection.

He also would “love” to see Clinton win because he cannot imagine a better role model for his 14 & 16-year-old girls. No one is a better role model than a war-monger who grovels & shills for power & whose highest achievement was turning Haiti into a sweatshop haven? With such a stunted imagination he makes a perfect complement to Cameron & Betty.

Was our man Khan London’s answer to lesser evil?