It sends shivers up my spine that many Sanders’ supporters will pull the lesser evil switcheroo & start campaigning for Clinton against Trump. Actually it breaks my heart that anyone calling themselves progressive could vote for such a dishonest, war-mongering candidate with a target on the Palestinians & destroying BDS.

The contrast between Drumpf & Clinton dramatizes the treacheries & banalities of lesser evil politics more than anything in endless cycles of the travesty that is US elections. That’s why the majority of eligible US voters don’t bother to register or vote. You can’t fool all the people most of the time.

Statement by Steven Salaita on the travesty of lesser evil politics:

“Politicians who have voted for wars, expanded the carceral state, funded drone programs, cosigned the kill list, bankrolled Israeli ethnic cleansing, impoverished millions (perhaps billions), justified police brutality, trampled women’s rights, destroyed the environment, rescued bankers with taxpayer money, amplified anti-Black racism, deified Wall Street, cheered torture, enacted discriminatory legislation, invigorated xenophobia, privatized public assets, poisoned human beings with toxic water, cossetted dictators, denied the Armenian genocide, warehoused undocumented workers (including children) in overcrowded closets, dispossessed Indigenous peoples, and transformed a religion with over a billion adherents into a progenitor of terrorism are now wringing their hands about the horrors of a potential Trump presidency.

And an army of commentators can’t stop warning us about the moral boundaries we’re fixing to cross.

Just shut up already. The hypocrisy is bad enough. But the sanctimony is out of control, even for a bunch of hypocrites.”