NYPD insubordinate to NYC mayor de Blasio

Thousands of cops from the NYPD & out-of-state turned their backs on NY mayor de Blasio as he eulogized Rafael Ramos, the cop murdered in a random act of violence by a deranged individual. They pulled the same stunt when the mayor spoke last week. The cops are still enflamed de Blasio didn’t ┬ásic them on those protesting the deaths of Michael Brown & Eric Garner.

NY Police Commissioner, William Bratton, has a SWAT team approach to policing but was hired by de Blasio so he’s equivocating up a storm, afraid to bite the hand that feeds him & unwilling to call the NYPD to order for insubordination.

It’s no big deal if they’re insubordinate to the mayor. Who gives a hoot!? They’ve been likened to the Westboro Baptist Church crowd who do anti-gay protests at military funerals. They’re far more akin to the storm troopers & brownshirts who facilitated Hitler & Mussolini’s rise to power. It’s scary as hell to think these people have been unleashed on Black youth.

To defend civil rights & civil liberties, all those of good will must respond to the call of the new civil rights movement.

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