NYC police go on offensive to defend right to brutalize Black community

It’s one thing for police officials to come out slugging against charges of police brutality in the Black community. They are on the defensive after international exposure of their arrant violence in the Black community. They must consider the murder of two NYPD officers a sign from God that they should go on the offensive & regain the right to brutalize with impunity.

But now media enters the fray, clearly to change the narrative from police brutality against Blacks to how the new civil rights movement endangers cops. It don’t get more cynical or detestable than that because the guy who murdered the cops was deranged, not a civil rights activist.

Local TV news took a poll with the single question: “Is the current political climate putting the safety of police officers at risk?” The “current political climate” is nothing less than public opposition to police impunity & nothing more than a demand for justice. The NYC mayor is calling on civil rights protesters to stop in order to heal the rift between cops & the community. If they reverse the kangaroo court verdicts letting killer cops walk free & prosecute, that would be a beginning–though a long way from the end. Until then, the protests continue.

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