Loyalty to Israel de rigueur for US candidates

Isn’t it telling that those considering running for US president first have to profess loyalty to Israel? Clinton has made dozens of bellicose protestations not just of her commitment to Israel but her affections for Netan-psycho; Elizabeth Warren & Ben Carson actually made recent pilgrimages there to kiss Netan-psycho’s butt.

Claiming AIPAC runs the US is a variation on Hitler’s Jewish bankers claim. Zionist Jews are integrated into the US power structure; that’s not the same as saying they run the country. In fact, those who dole out the dough control the politics. As long as the US Congress is allocating billions to Israel, the US runs the show & keeps Israel on a long leash so the unseemly dependency is not observed. These spats between Obama & Netan-psycho don’t amount to a hill of beans because the disputes aren’t over the character of Zionist apartheid but over the tempo of ethnic cleansing.

It’s not about Zionists running the US; it’s about the investment US neoliberalism has in Israel for control of the Middle East (the US does not want that jeopardized by Israeli recklessness) & it’s about Palestinian justice.

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