Now do you see why the US is in trouble!?

US presidents (Anne Cusack:LATiimes) Feb 15 2015

Now do you see why the US is in so much trouble? This is the criminal lineup of presidents for the dedication of Ronald Reagan’s presidential library in 1991. They all get one as a reward–though there’s little indication any of them ever cracked a book. Other than criminality, stupidity seems to be the only thing they have in common. They detest each other & that’s fully understandable.

George Bush the senior (& parent to an even bigger stupenagle & war criminal), was the current president here. He had just returned from a peace mission to the MIddle East. When the concept of peace is arming brutal tyrannies you can understand why the world is a mess wherever the US shows up.

People in other countries should not think badly of us for electing these jamokes. A rigged electoral system gives us only two choices. If these guys were the “lesser of two evils” consider the option we had.

(Photo by Anne Cusack/LA Times)

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