You have to be a detective to interpret the news; the stories just never add up

The first Copenhagen shooting was at a cafe right around dinner time. So there you have it! Another dispute over a parking space. Parking wasn’t a problem at 1:00 am when the second shooting took place at the synagogue? In these scenarios things don’t need to add up, do they? They don’t when Muslims are the victims.

Late breaking news on Associated Press tells us the synagogue is right near a bar. You see? Another parking dispute!

Though I’m no Sherlock Holmes but the story about the second shooting at a synagogue in central Copenhagen doesn’t add up. Probably it’s because all the facts aren’t in or maybe it’s because it stinks of “untruthiness.” A lone gunman shot at a synagogue at 1 am this morning. One unidentified person was shot in the head & two cops were injured.

So what was the person who got shot doing at the synagogue at 1 am? Was s/he just a passerby? Why were the two cops there? Did they just happen to pass by too? How did anybody know the place was shot up if most of the city was snoring?

This gunman also fled with his rifle on foot and one media source suggested he fled to the nearby crowded subway station. A man with a high-powered weapon didn’t draw attention to himself while he waited for the train?

We leave the sleuthing till more details are revealed.



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