Nothing in the ISIS story makes a damn bit of sense–especially those oil revenues

Media’s been reporting for the past several months that ISIS rakes in US $40 to $50 million a month from crude oil sales smuggled from oilfields under its control in Iraq & Syria. That would explain why the Pentagon claims they’ve bombed 232 “oil infrastructures” since November 3rd. It doesn’t explain why the oil keeps coming.

According to reports from the most respected lying-assed corporate media, ISIS has been able to bring in equipment, technical experts, engineers, & oilworkers from abroad to manage the oil business. As the story goes, they sell the crude to smugglers & brokers at discount prices & smuggle it out to Turkey & Syria in fleets of small tankers so US bombers won’t spot them. Fifty-thousand barrels a day is a lot of tankers. It must take a lot of camouflage to fool all those bombers & whiz past high-tech satellite surveillance. How do they make it past Turkish border patrols? And why in the hell is Turkey bombing the trough that feeds them?

So many questions; so few answers. You don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist to say the story doesn’t add up.