Neither do vanity nor ever underestimate yourself

In the past short while I’ve been called a brilliant journalist a few times. I’m always a little embarrassed at such praise & don’t get too puffed up about it (maybe a little for a moment)–though surely I’m flattered. So you can keep it coming if you like–just to test the limits of my humility or vanity.

But let me admit to something so that others–especially young people & those timorous about their abilities & who they are–will take heart & learn to respect the contributions they can make to a better world.

As a working class woman I was often accused of plagiarism for my writing, most often discouraged (sometimes snidely) & though I continued to write for social movements I always suspected my writings weren’t up to snuff. I admit this not to get sympathy or admiration but so that others who are put down or convinced they are insufficient will challenge that baloney by trying, by stretching, by defying expectations. And never allowing others to define the limits of your commitment.