Neil Gorsuch is slick & sleazy

Watched the confirmation hearing for Gorsuch as a supreme court judge. Color him slick & sleazy. Not to mention a big fat reactionary liar.

The death blow was when Franken interrogated him about the case of a trucker who had a brake failure on the road in -14°F (-25°C) temperatures. He couldn’t drive without endangering others so pulled off the highway & called the company dispatcher several times over a long period without the company sending emergency road service. When he began to get hypothermia, he got back on the road briefly to warm up & then pulled off again so he didn’t kill anybody.

The company fired the man & the case came before Gorsuch & a panel of judges. They found the firing unreasonable–like any sane person would. But Gorsuch wrote a dissenting opinion on behalf of the company.

When Franken questioned him about the case, Gorsuch dropped the sophisticated raconteur schtick he plied against the love bombs from Republicans & sleazed his way around answering.

Now playing us for stupid, he claims he’s not political, though he’s been involved in the campaigns of several Republicans–probably social climbing his way to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court claims it’s not political either. So we can claim we’re not political when we show up on the doorsteps of the Supreme Court to protest their reactionary decisions. Because we know the judges are as subject to political pressure as any other branch of government.

Video testimony of trucker about the case & Gorsuch’s role (my post drew on facts as Franken stated them, which differ slightly from the trucker, though the essence of the story is unchanged):