“Mum’s the word” for Betty

Betty Jan 6 2015

This is such an endearing picture of Betty. It’s her “mum’s the word” face after British politicians exempted the moochocracy from the Freedom of Information Act. They now have “absolute protection from public scrutiny” & not a moment too soon–what with all the plebeian litigation implicating Andrew in unsavory & criminal acts. It just seems that all that confidentiality is at odds with the Kate & Willy thing & all that talk of a modern feudalism.

But this is certainly no time to go after Betty who despite having all the time & money in the world to raise decent kids turned out a pedophile & likely lives in close proximity to others. Parenting isn’t the same when you’re a moochocrat. You have to teach them to be predators so guilt from freeloading is no part of their nature. And they’ve got to learn that some are born to sit on their lard asses & be waited on hand & foot while others are meant for servitude. That’s just the way things are under feudalism & colonialism.

The moochocracy has all sorts of immunities–& why not? Betty can’t be arrested for anything. But the poor girl wouldn’t survive in a prison anyway since she’d have to brush her own teeth & wipe her own ass. Apparently her criminal offspring can’t be arrested in her presence or within the palace. That would mean Andrew was moving back in if US courts didn’t have their own special way of dealing with criminal confidentiality for the elite. Thank God capitalism retained some of those features from feudalism & didn’t actually believe all that democratic crap.

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