Misogyny for a good cause, my ass!

When I posted about Mariah Carey & Barbra Streisand supporting Israeli apartheid I was criticizing their politics, not their musical talents nor their beauty. Their talents & beauty are irrelevant if not also beyond dispute. So imagine my horror to see people using those posts to ridicule & abuse both women in the most misogynist mean-spirited way. They were called ugly, “hoes.” “effing bitches,” whores for Israel, & terms too vile to repeat.

Many of those dishing out this crap were women. All such comments dropped on my wall were deleted because I am a feminist & cannot tolerate women–even those with stinking rotten politics–being abused for their gender.

In my political life being vilified as a woman activist has been preeminent so I understand exactly what is going on. Apolitical women-haters (of both genders) give vent to social hatred & claim it’s for a good cause. All that’s left to say is this is pathetic, rancid, grotesque.