Human beings are born perfect just the way they are

Albino in Tanzania (Patrick Gries) August 29 2015

This photo is from a pictorial on albinism in Tanzania which has the highest rates of albinism in the world & where they suffer extreme violence & persecution.

Disability of every kind is not always persecuted elsewhere so much as made invisible so as not to discomfort. That’s why people with disabilities organize social justice movements–like the self advocacy movement for those with learning difficulties–to change institutional practices, social prejudices, & end discrimination & marginalization.

After the scientific explanations are rendered, medical opinion elaborated, & social hatred analyzed, what it comes down to is the simple mantra of the oppressed everywhere: no human being is alien; none is defective. Every human being is perfect just the way they are.

(Photo is portrait of Milu Kujaga by Patrick Gries)