Michael Jordan’s shabby million-dollar image

Super-athlete Michael Jordan testified in court today that he filed the lawsuit against a supermarket chain that used his image without permission (in a 2009 ad) to protect his image which is “precious” to him.

Jordan’s attorney told jurors Jordan’s name was worth at least $480 million to Nike & that each commercial use of Jordan’s name is worth over $10 million. Last year alone Jordan made $100 million from his image even though he hasn’t played basketball since 2003.

Actually his image has been shot to hell since the 1980s when he began shilling for Nike despite their use of sweatshop & child labor. He chose to become filthy rich rather than do the right thing. A man can’t live down the stench of that no matter how great an athlete or how much money they pile on. Precious to him is putrid in fact.

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