Caravana 43 rally in McAllen, Texas (Mary Scully Reports makes the news)

Caravana 43 Mar 21 2015

My neighbor stopped me today when I went to get the mail & told me she saw me she saw me interviewed on Spanish language television. This was news to me. At the Tuesday rally for the Aotzinapa 43 in front of the Mexican consulate I was interviewed & talked about the need to build international solidarity. The part on TV in English said “these parents are never going to see their kids again” but cut off as I continued with “without the broadest international solidarity” but in Spanish the reporter finished that thought.

I am hardly the center of this clip; it’s a very important event protesting at the Mexican consulate with the family members speaking and being interviewed here. It’s the first of many such rallies that will be held across the US as part of Caravana 43 to build the necessary solidarity movement.

I don’t believe I was so vain as to mention my blog but the reporter must have googled it & showed it on the news segment. This is good.

Here’s the news segment:

(Photo is still shot from the video)


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