Mary Scully for President & Alice Bach for Vice President 2016

It’s not an issue to me that my non-socialist friends don’t “like” the FB wall of our presidential campaign. I don’t mind that people don’t agree with my politics as long as they let me live in peace & don’t personally give me the brushoff for my ideas. I’ve never gotten used to being shunned for my radicalism.

But I must admit it does annoy me that most US socialists won’t even do a like on a FB wall. I don’t take it personally but see it as part of a great problem which has plagued the socialist movement for over a 100 years: an inability to break ranks with their own circle, to think for themselves, to be bigger than their prejudices. It’s called group-think & doesn’t represent the highest achievements of political thought.

All that got put in perspective big-time when I saw that several people from Afghanistan, Kashmir, Gaza & the West Bank liked our campaign. It was a proud & heartening moment to see that.

International solidarity is a hallmark of our campaign so it was also thrilling to see “likes” from Ireland, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Mexico, the UK, the Philippines, Russia, Sri Lanka, Qatar, UAE, Lesotho, Romania, Colombia, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Morocco, Norway, Tunisia, Singapore, Japan, Thailand, Greece, Indonesia, Italy, Switzerland, Brazil, Israel, Sweden, Denmark, Portugal, South Africa, Australia, Canada, Malaysia, Germany, Netherlands, Finland, Nigeria, Greece, Spain, Turkey, Puerto Rico–& of course the US.

Thank you all so much.