Libertarians & their “nuanced” apologetics for Trump

Mosul (REUTERS:Thaier Al-Sudani) Mar 17 2017

Liberation US-style, Mosul, Iraq: nuance this, libertarians.

The libertarian left frequently calls for a “nuanced” view of Trump. Those who try to nuance Trump support his politics but wish he could deliver them without the obvious derangement & think he’d be more effective if he did less rant, less hate.

They echo the right-wing current represented by the Washington Times (WT), a newspaper owned by the Unification Church, called the Moonies after its founder Sun Myung Moon who revered himself as the second coming of Jesus.

In an op-ed piece titled “The scorning of Moscow: Trump adversaries would ruin a potential US-Russia anti-terror partnership,” The WT wrote:

“We are living in parallel realities, where the broad public is being daily exposed to a monolithic media assault on Mr. Trump & his foreign (read: Russian) policy, while the expert community of political scientists has in recent months opened up to very nuanced interpretations of Mr. Trump & even of the widely demonized Vladimir Putin.”

We aren’t living in parallel realities. It’s just that libertarians want to mask their political affinities with the right-wing obscurantist current of the Moonies. Scratch below the surface & it’s hard to tell the difference between Moonie-think, Global Research, Counterpunch, & Black Agenda Report.

So to the libertarian left-cum-obscurantist right-wing we would like to say, nuance this: more military aggression & bombing in more countries; increasing Islamophobic war mongering; a ban on & persecution of Muslims; vilifying refugees & immigrants; the border wall; refusing asylum to refugees & deporting millions of undocumented immigrants; destroying public education; cutting affordable housing; ending Meals on Wheels for seniors; more surveillance of US citizens; letting bridges & roads collapse; elimination of environmental protections; an executive order to proceed with the Keystone & Dakota Pipelines.

Nuance away libertarians. Fox News has a place for you.

(Photo by Thaier Al-Sudani/Reuters)