Trump’s budget is attack on the working poor

Meals on Wheels for seniors will be cut to pay for drones & grants to privately owned charter schools to destroy public education. Funds for repairing roads & bridges that are falling down will be cut to increase funding to the FBI for counterterrorism operations. Affordable housing projects (already deficient by millions of housing units) will be eliminated to pay for deporting undocumented immigrants. Anything to do with environmental protection is gone.

We have a fight on our hands. Hopefully we were all watching the Arab uprisings to see how things are done. We’re a little rusty & need to understand how they succeeded & how they were out-maneuvered.

Partly they were set back, are being violently repressed or bombed to smithereens because international solidarity is so completely lacking. They were on their own in monumental, historic battles against dictatorship. The libertarian left that denounces them as fake news & “jihadi” operations & also opposes protests against Trump as useless & “Dem-Lib” melodrama need to be ignored as cranks & dead wood–at best

We have a fight on our hands.