Liberation US-style, Kabul, Afghanistan: child labor

Afghan boy at coal dump Kabul, Afghanistan. REUTERS:Mohammad Ismail: Mar 7 2017

Liberation US-style, Kabul Afghanistan: a little boy is selling boiled eggs to workers–almost certainly including children–at a coal dump site near Kabul. Consider the health problems this child will have from inhaling coal dust; consider the trauma & bereavement the little guy thinks is his life sentence. Then consider that Afghan refugees are among those the EU targets for deportation back home.

Sixteen years of US-NATO war & occupation & this is what the Pentagon has to show for it.

US out of Afghanistan. Massive war reparations to the people of Afghanistan. Our deepest apologies that the international antiwar movement has not sufficiently rallied in opposition & in solidarity with the people of Afghanistan.

(Photo by Mohammad Ismail/Reuters)