Let’s resume detente with the Russians: Putin & Trump are both putzes

Teared me right up to hear Russians feel sad because they think we hate on them. Where’d they get that goofy notion? From Sputnik News? It’s not their fault Putin is a putz; we don’t hold it against them. When your president-elect is Donald Trump, who’s in a position to get snotty?

Now I read that Russians think Americans are stupid & simple-minded because our milk cartons & chip bags have directions like “Tear here” or “Open on the other side.” Well how do they know where to get at the milk & chips?

In the interests of resuming detente or entente or whatever the hell that thing was called & putting an end to this regrettable contretemps, let us make the first gesture for world peace. We love your literature & music. At least your classical music; your rock & roll stinks. We don’t hold grudges against you. We do think you should start reading alternative media like the NY Times or Washington Post because Russian mainstream media lies too much. And you might want to consider another revolution if you can’t get rid of this Putin gang.