Legal experts agree Ferguson grand jury verdict was a bag job

One after another, prominent legal experts are weighing in on the Ferguson grand jury decision & conclude with the most damning evidence that it was a bag job extraordinaire. The procedures followed were unprecedented, unorthodox, & outright deceitful. Several have pointed out the statistic that of 162,000 federal cases in 2010, grand juries failed to indict in only 11 cases.

It’s uncertain if the law provides for challenges to grand jury decisions or if double jeopardy is involved. But if the system won’t account for this in the courts, then it needs to be addressed in the streets.

The killer cop with the psychopathic glower has resigned from the police department claiming he’s in danger. He damn well better get used to that. It’s a good thing for his sorry ass that he made a million bucks by shooting an unarmed kid in cold blood because his life isn’t worth a patoot anymore. Not because he’ll be hunted by civil rights activists but because of his racism, he thinks he will be. Karma can get pretty nasty.

This is a decision the ruling elite will come to regret. They let their racism get the best of them because they’ve gotten away with so many egregious crimes against the Black community: harassment, stop & frisk, outright murder of hundreds of Black teens, & railroading thousands into prison for minor offenses often no more than boyish pranks. Justice is even more of a bitch than karma.

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