Kashmir Awareness Week: Indian systematic use of torture in Kashmir

This is Kashmir Awareness Week called by London activists to focus on education about the Indian occupation of Kashmir. The systematic use of torture & other human rights crimes are a feature of the occupation (which I am preparing a post about for tomorrow).

This BBC documentary titled “The Torture Trail” interviews Kashmiri lawyer Parvez Imroz who documented cases of torture despite being shot & having his home attacked by Indian security forces. Imroz has documented 1,500cases of men becoming impotent after their genitals were electrocuted & hundreds of other cases involving the systematic use of rape & sexual violence against imprisoned activists. The documentary briefly discusses the systematic mass use of rape against women in Kashmir. The most gruesome case cited here is of a 60-year-old man held in solitary confinement & forced to eat flesh cut from his own body.

The documentary is lengthy (48 minutes) but it presents Kashmiris making their case against the occupation & clearly shows the brutality of the occupation as well as India’s overwhelming military presence in Kashmir. Most of all, the Kashmiris interviewed here show the necessity of building international solidarity & the possibility for ending the occupation.