The phony-assed drama around Scalia’s replacement

We’re supposed to really get into this drama between Republicans & Obama about his appointing a Supreme Court justice to replace Scalia. Republican senators warn Obama “in no uncertain terms’ against doing so & he talks tough back, saying “watch me, fools.” It’ll be played out on the news for weeks & exhaust itself long after it’s become a complete bore (which was yesterday).

There are those who will think me a shameless cynic, but what kind of political system, what kind of democracy allows nine politically appointed judicial hacks to decide their fate? It’s a misunderstanding of democracy to allow that even though that’s how the US system is rigged.

The Supreme Court is subject to political pressure & we can make them dance to our tune if we show up lobbying in Washington, DC with thousands of other activists instead of hanging on their every decision like it was the sword of Damocles.