John Kerry on bantustates for Palestinians

John Kerry said the US cannot “in good conscience turn a blind eye to Palestinian actions that fan hatred & violence.” Takes your breath away, doesn’t it? They’re supposed to let crazed free-loaders from around the world just come in & take their lands away & raze entire Palestinian villages?

Kerry was giving a speech justifying a bantustate solution for Palestinians & said a “unitary state” is not in US interests. In fact the US does want a unitary state: a Zionist state ethnically cleansed of all Palestinians. That’s why the Obama administration just gave Israel $38 billion in military aid which it will use to bomb the hell out of Gaza & maintain military occupation of the West Bank.

Kerry needs to stop talking from both sides of his ass about those settlements. It was in the last faux-snit between Obama & Netanyahu about a year ago that the Obama administration boasted how the US pays moving expenses for settlers moving to the West Bank & subsidizes Hebrew language classes, & other programs for new settlers.