Assad claims mass graves in east Aleppo: he can bring in independent forensic teams if he’s not lying through his ass again

There’s a terrible, gruesome story being circulated by Russian media & Assad supporters about mass graves found in Aleppo with children who’ve been mutilated & dismembered by the “jihadist terrorists.”

If it’s true & verifiable, the Assad regime should immediately demand independent forensics investigators to enter Aleppo as well as allow foreign media to enter the city to report about it.

There are credible independent forensics investigative teams from Argentina who developed their expertise by examining the graves of those tens of thousands disappeared in Argentina’s “dirty war” from 1974 to 1983. Mexican parents of the 43 Ayotzinapa students disappeared in 2014 called on the Argentinian forensics teams to examine mass graves in Mexico to identify the remains of their sons.

If Assad supporters aren’t just blowing smoke up our butts again, then they should immediately encourage him to contact the Argentine forensics teams. The forensics teams would however be advised to bring only the Christians & leave any Jewish or Muslim members at home for their safety.