Israeli Border Police come up with fishy story to explain killing three Palestinian teens

Carl Gustav rifle (from Wikipedia) Feb 4 2016

The Israeli Foreign Ministry went ballistic yesterday over a headline in CBS News about the killing of three Palestinian teenagers at the Damascus Gate in occupied East Jerusalem. CBS initially reported the story with the headline “3 Palestinians killed as daily violence grinds on.” After the Israeli government went on a campaign against the headline, igniting a Twitter storm, CBS changed the headline to “Israeli police kill 3 alleged Palestinian attackers” & later in the day to “Palestinians kill Israeli officer, wound another before being killed.” CBS has not offered an explanation for the changes but maybe they were a wee bit skeptical about the narrative coming out of the Israeli government.

Zionist media & social media are making quite a furor over this incident & because there were so many deaths, it requires investigation. The problem is, all of the information comes from Micky Rosenfeld, the foreign press spokesman for the Israeli police & the story stinks to high heaven.

As narrated by Rosenfeld: Three Palestinian teens “attracted the attention” of Israeli Border Police officers as they approached the Damascus Gate, one of the main entrances to the Old City of Jerusalem. How did they attract attention? Some reports say they were “acting suspiciously.” Were they doing cartwheels as they approached? Casting furtive glances? Carrying a Palestinian flag? Chanting against the occupation? Such details matter in a police report when you’ve just shot three teenagers to death.

Border Police officers asked the young men for identification & as one fished for his papers, the others opened fire, wounding two officers–one of whom died later in hospital. Rosenfeld said the Palestinians were carrying concealed Carl Gustav submachine guns, knives, & bombs. Some reports say the explosive devices were later found “near the site” of the incident. Some reports say the submachine guns were “makeshift Carl Gustav firearms.” What is a “makeshift” automatic weapon? A jacked-up Molotov Cocktail?

It was 59 degrees F/15 degrees C yesterday in Jerusalem. How did three young guys manage to conceal submachine guns that look like bazookas, plus knives, & bombs under their clothes? Were they wearing tents in such warm weather? Is that why they looked so suspicious?

When the young men allegedly opened fire, killing the police officer, other Israel Border Police took them out. A spokesperson for the hospital where the two wounded Border Police officers were taken said the one who survived was in moderate condition, “having received stab wounds across her body.” When exactly in the Rosenfeld scenario did that stabbing take place? Did one of the Palestinians pull out a knife & start stabbing while the other two were shooting off automatic weapons? How long did this go on before they were shot to death?

Can we just acknowledge that the story doesn’t make a lick of sense? That the Israeli police are probably lying through their ass to cover up a terrorist assault on Palestinian teens? If they aren’t lying, they’ll have to come up with a far more credible story than this one because not everyone is a Zionist ideologue willing to believe arrant baloney.

It is deeply sad that the young Israeli woman police officer was killed. But she was part of an occupying army, whether she understood that or not. Though she should never have been in East Jerusalem, may she Rest In Peace. The three murdered Palestinians, who are unnamed & who may not be returned to their families for burial, stand accused of a crime against which they cannot defend themselves because it’s the word of the occupying army against three dead teenagers.

Honor & build the economic, cultural, & academic boycott of Israel. Buy nothing with a barcode beginning 729. May all of the deceased Rest In Peace.

Photo is a Carl Gustav submachine gun. Is it really credible the young teens were hiding this under their clothes along with knives & bombs?