Islamophobia indistinguishable from Assadism

Researching a post today & came across a website with headlines about the dangers of Muslim population growth, the weekly crucifixions of Christians in Syria, the Caliphate Cub training camps for women & children in Syria that make children refugees even more dangerous than adult “jihadists”, claims the White Helmets are an Islamist propaganda group deriving from the Muslim Brotherhood, claims the Muslim Brotherhood are trying to take down Trump, & a brief against the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt claiming they threw babies & old women off balconies & went on a rampage of decapitation, disemboweling, & cutting out the hearts of their opposition.

Golly, I thought. How did I end up on the Hands Off Syria Coalition website?

PS: The MB had engaged in street violence against other activists but at this time they were being massacred in the streets by the military regime under General Sisi & it was a political duty to defend them against that–regardless of their previous conduct. The decapitation, disemboweling crap is just Islamophobia carried to the extremes in the style of Assadism.