I’m all set to denounce WAHHABISM as soon as I know what it is

Read an article today in Huffington Post titled “WAHHABISM: THE IDEOLOGY OF HATE.” In all caps, just like that, so we knew it meant business. It was by a Muslim woman in a hijab & with a PhD so it must all be true. She said “Wahhabism is racist, misogynistic, sectarian, & hateful.”

Wow, it’s really bad stuff & I’m all set to denounce it. Just as soon as someone else, with or without a hijab, with or without a PhD, tells me how it differs from the crap I grew up with in grade school (& is still taught in Texas & Mississippi). Or how my denunciations will distinguish between Wahhabism & US Pentagon war-mongering (just so there’s no misunderstandings). Or what to say if someone asks me how it differs from Salafism & if Sunnis & Shia are just the same (& if maybe Trump’s Muslim ban isn’t in fact judicious). And if Christianity controls US politics in the same way Wahhabism does Saudi Arabia.

I just gotta get all that straight before I take that WAHHABISM to the cleaners. Assadists, call me.