International Day of the Disappeared in Kashmir

APDP Kashmir

We should not let the International Day of the Disappeared pass without taking a moment to honor Parveena Ahangar & the mothers of Kashmir who founded the combative & very active Association of Parents of Disappeared Persons (APDP) to educate about & protest this monstrous human rights crime.

These photo montages of those disappeared & murdered are an international phenomenon seen in dozens of countries going back decades–still displayed in Spain of those disappeared under Franco from the 1930s to Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, & Kashmir now, & so many other countries.

There is something so wrenching about the criminal character of enforced disappearances that survivors never let the crime be laid to rest until justice is extracted. It is the deceased haunting justice.

Our deepest condolences for the loss of their beloved & our fullest solidarity with the work of APDP to end this human rights atrocity.

(Photo is from APDP)