Homeless in Gaza

Gaza- homeless August 4 2014

This forlorn man is carrying the few belongings he salvaged from his bombed out house in the village of Khuzaa in central Gaza. He really has no place to go & certainly no place to hide from Israeli bombers & tanks. He’s got no toothbrush, no soap, no clean underwear, no clean shirt & all the comforts & accoutrements of his life are buried in rubble.

Does he know Palestinians no longer stand alone? That over a million people all around the world are in the streets in a thunderous chorus demanding justice for Palestine? Has he heard the news that a historic shift is taking place–not just what they call a paradigm shift but a power dynamic like the movement that helped the Vietnamese people defeat the US military which, until then, seemed invincible?

The bombing is still going on, they’re still recovering bodies & the injured from the rubble, Gaza is grieving & burying the dead, despondence is unavoidable; it will take a while before the spirit of intifada can rise from the rubble & the ashes. But when it does emerge, we need to be there campaigning on every front that forges solidarity: marching, speaking out, touring Palestinians, honoring those who served so admirably in Gaza, & evangelizing for the economic boycott of Israel (barcode beginning 729).

How dare Israel & it’s US & European allies think they could go this far in the age of Twitter & social media when hasbara could be discredited & exposed in a trice & in a million tweets?

Long live Palestinian intifada–the spirit of resistance to Israeli apartheid & ethnic cleansing! Take it international with solidarity? Palestine will be free!

(Photo by Oliver Weiken/EPA)

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