Homeless in Bangladesh

A street child in Srimangal Railway Station, Bangladesh (from Eikipedia) Mar 24 2015

This is an undated photo of a street child near the Srimangal Rail Station in Bangladesh. There are millions of little kids like him around the world–truly the wretched of the earth in a world chock-full of sentimentality about ‘kids being the future, blah blah blah.’

The face on this little guy captures just some of the social isolation & terror homeless children sustain. If we investigate how human society came to this, to a point where millions of children are cast-offs hunted by starvation & violence, we’re likely to find ourselves back to the origins of capitalism. If it didn’t always exist, perhaps we can & should make it go away so we can create a world suitable for the little ones to come of age in, to live & love in.

Social hatred like racism or misogyny is a malignant thing but hate itself is too much maligned. If we didn’t hate the sight of children suffering the unbearable, we might just try to coast our way through life & make the best of a bad system. Homeless children make that choice completely unacceptable.

(Photo from Wikipedia, by unidentified photographer)

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