Hate mail to my presidential campaign

This June, I will commemorate fifty years of political activism, coming of age at a 1966 protest against the Vietnam War on the University of Minnesota campus. It has been an enriching life, though because I am a blunt spoken working class woman, not always an easy road.

People sometimes express concern that praise I receive for my posts on Facebook will make me heady with vanity & throw my commitments out of whack. I sincerely appreciate positive response but I’m not that vainglorious. You don’t stay committed in transformational politics if you put your ego over the demands of building movements for social justice. For all the praise I receive, I am familiar with equal doses of opprobrium. If you want to make the world a better place, you can’t let either get to you.

But sometimes it does. This morning I received a message on my campaign wall from an anonymous person. It isn’t the insults that disturb but the level of malice & petty cruelty. I share it here because sometimes you just don’t want to sustain social hatred alone.

“Mary Scully is a joke. She purports to run for president yet can’t get a single endorsement or raise one fucking dime. She has less followers than the local pub. She spews incessant and tiresome garbage about over throwing the world order when she couldn’t overthrow the goddamned neighborhood association of her trailer park.

I will be taking a huge shit on your grave, Mary, whenever that wonderful day comes to pass, you nasty asshole. Given your shitty living conditions, lack of financial resources, despicable character, advanced age, non-existent social circle and bitter constitution your demise can’t be too far away. Most of the world won’t care when they throw you in the pauper cemetery. I’ll be sure to visit and fertilize the grave with my biomass fuel, cunt.

Hahahaha. You can barely keep track of all your mutts and you expect to dismantle the US military as well as prosecute US govt officials under some ridiculous notion of international law of which I guess you are the sole arbiter, enforcer and punisher. Oh dear, Mary, all this has the ring of….complete and utter insanity. You are a fucking fruit cake, a clueless clown spewing nonsense beyond that of even the most hair brained conspiracy theorist. You should have stayed hunkered down with your soul mate Ted Kazinsky. Perhaps you would still be allowed conjugal visits. Lol.

A dismal, desperate, sad, empty, meaningless future awaits you. Stick to saving the occasional homeless dog. Your activities as a political change agent / activist are a total waste of time and only serve to expose your incredible hubris that your extreme POV is the only salvation for all the worlds problems. You, when can’t solve your own poverty, misery and anger, are going to solve the problems of the entire world, eh Mary? By destroying what is and then rebuilding under some crazy assed notion that has only existed in your ridiculous daily manifestos? JFC, you give crazy new respectability. Get out of your novel and see the world a bit. Your life as a recluse is driving you mad.”