Hands Off Syria Coalition a gathering place for political deadbeats moving to right

Many associated with the Hands Off Syria Coalition are outraged at the resignation of Flynn because they claim he was brokering better relations with Russia & preventing WWIII. What does it say about them politically that they echo Fox News, RT, Bloomberg, the twittering of Donald Trump & are posting links from those news agencies to prove their point?

What it says about them is not that they are operating from what Kellyanne Conway calls “alternative facts” but that they are moving rapidly to the right behind a smoke screen of accusations & vituperations against protesters who they denounce as “dem-libs,” supporters of the CIA & of US intervention.

If your politics have become indistinguishable from Fox News & Donald Trump, face up to the facts that you’ve become a redneck. You may as well own it, because hating on protesters isn’t fooling anyone.

These are the titles of articles they’re posting from Fox & RT:

“Bashing Trump doesn’t make you a rebel, it makes you an establishment tool.”

“Kucinich pins Flynn leak on Intel community, warms of another Cold War.”

“The political assassination of Michael Flynn.”

“Trump caves on Flynn’s resignation.”

“The Neocons & the “deep state” have neutered the Trump presidency.”

“Michael Flynn’s resignation US establishment coup.”

“Russian MPs say anti-Russian agenda likely forced Flynn resignation.”