Glenn Greenwald is out of his league on Syria & talks rubbish

Yarmouk 2014
Glenn Greenwald used to be called on as one of those political authorities with demigod status. But like the rest of them, he bombed out on Syria & showed that when it comes to matters more significant than animal rights, he is out of his league. One can hardly keep up with his craziness–from the deep state trying to take down Trump rubbish to his blithering about Syria. Now he wades deeper into the morass by responding to provocations by Max Blumenthal, a political dirt-ball & the corrupt social climber making his fortunes by sucking up to Putin & Assad. When Blumenthal attempts to impugn the journalism & exposés of Robert Mackey or the brilliant polemic by Mehdi Hasan about Syria in The Intercept, Greenwald replies that he absolutely agrees with two-bit propagandist Blumenthal that The Intercept has “been inexcusably one-sided on the Syria debate.” How many sides are there in a situation where Syrian, Russian, & US-coalition bombers are bombing civilians under the guise of exterminating terrorists?

If you are a principled political person, there is only one side to champion & that is the side of Syrian civilians being bombed. You can shove your Lenin quotes trying to justify the bombing; you can blither out your rear end about US regime change & Syrian & Russian bombing to protect Assad’s national sovereignty. You can vilify the White Helmets & do the guppy-walk after Beeley, Bartlett & Syrian Girl. But Syrian & Russian propaganda is not the other side to justice & Syria is not a debate. It is a counterrevolution against millions of Syrians trying to create a humane, democratic society in place of dictatorship–a counterrevolution which was enforced by support from the corrupt antiwar movement led by “retired” CIA, FBI, & Pentagon officials, other progressive forces, & decaying gurus like Chomsky, Ali, Pilger, Fisk. It is a watershed moment in history when progressive forces marched with fascism to destroy a popular movement for democracy. It is not that Mackey & Hasan are one-sided but that they are committed to telling the unvarnished truth about Syria.

This photo is an apocalyptic scene from Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp in 2014 which was being bombed by the Syrian regime. At that time, it was reported that refugees suffered mass starvation & were reduced to eating animal feed; infant malnutrition was epidemic. These are people lining up as far as the eye can see to receive food from a UN convoy. Today, Yarmouk is under sustained aerial & artillery attack by Syria under the guise of exterminating ISIS & al-Qaeda. Syria will not allow UN humanitarian aid convoys to access Yarmouk where ISIS fighters may in fact be holed up but where thousands of civilians also live. How many sides are there to this story, Glenn Greenwald?

The only principled position is a committed, call it one-sided opposition to all foreign military intervention in Syria & to Syrian, Russian, & US-coalition bombing of civilians.

(Photo from UNRWA/AP)