Post-apocalyptic Raqqa: emancipation US-style

Post-apocalyptic Raqqa (PTI) May 4 2018

Post-apocalyptic Raqqa, Syria: this is how Raqqa looks after the US bombing onslaught where it used white phosphorous, ostensibly to clear out ISIS but which had a civilian population of 270,000 & is now uninhabitable. One person from Raqqa said, “The passion & power the US put in to liberate (sic) Raqqa does not at all equal the passion to rebuild Raqqa….They give us very beautiful words & promises but not much else.”

So maybe someone from the pro-Assad crowd could tell us how this dead zone fits into that US regime-change scenario? And maybe someone from the anti-Assad, pro-US intervention crowd could tell us how this fits into that humanitarian intervention scenario?

(Photo from PTI)