Get a grip on that fascism has come to US crap

Too many people are saying fascism has already taken over the US. So much dramatics, not enough good sense. There’s something so insular about that. For heaven’s sake! Take a look at what’s going on in Syria, Palestine, Kashmir, Arakan state, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya–& get a grip.

Fascism is a very particular form of rule; it doesn’t just mean attacks on the Bill of Rights or a president with fascistic ideas. When you lose your sense of perspective & panic, it’s because you have no sense of the power of popular mobilizations or maybe no inclination to organize.

We have a tradition of political opposition to injustice in this country & it’s based on unity between people with different ideas but the same goals. If people will stop hating on the “Dem-libs” & anti-Trump protesters we can collaborate with them to stand against injustice (like at Standing Rock), defend the Bill of Rights & thereby strengthen the ground against the rise of extreme right-wing politics.

The most important defense against fascism, bar none, is to rebuild the international antiwar movement because what we allow done in our names to other countries will come home to roost. Solidarity is the iron law of social transformation & the preventive against fascism & every other form of tyranny.

If fascism comes to America it will likely show up in Texas first. So will resistance to it. If you don’t hear red alerts from us, proceed with exercising all your rights.