Catching up on reading my messages from Facebook friends & came across this from the day after the US election:

“I congratulate President-Elect Donald Trump on his historic election as the President of the United States. I wish him much success in leading the way to renew the ties of United States with her time tested allies & friends in the world, especially in South Asia. I hope he will focus keenly to bring peace & stability around the world & demonstrate deliberate leadership in resolving the conflicts in the Indo-Pakistan subcontinent. We must trust & work together to crush terrorism & eliminate extremism from a position of strength. United States should not quit from Afghanistan; it’s combat troop draw-down should be effect-related & not time-related.”

There are just some friendships that weren’t meant to be. You have to put up with this stuff from relatives at family reunions but not on FB from a guy who lives 3,000 miles away.