Flooding & neoliberal plunder

Boy & sheep in flood in India (EPA:STR) August 24 2015

If you know something about sheep & shepherding are you less impressed with this boy transporting sheep on a banana raft? Because to a landlubber, it looks positively Olympian.

They’re in Assam state, India where heavy rains triggered flash floods submerging 1,000 villages in water & affecting nearly 300,000 people.

Massive flooding is going on all over the world on every continent & is a neon red alert for climate change. But when neoliberal capitalists have to choose between massive profits from plunder & human survival, they just can’t help themselves: greed is what gets their adrenalin pumping. We need to save them from themselves, save ourselves from their greed, & make this world suitable for people to live & love in.

(Photo from EPA/STR)