Feudalism 2015

Town Crier at KKKKaty's new KKKKid (Geoff Pugh) May 3 2015

What, no clamor for my views on KKKKaty’s new KKKKid!? Well I’ll give them anyway.

The birth of a child is always a blessed event & we wish the new Windsor no ill. Being born into a mutant inbred clan is burden enough for any child. But don’t expect festivities or anything else but a call to overthrow feudalism before she comes of child-bearing age.

The unseemly feudal display outside the hospital is enough to make a republican cry. A Town Crier in 2015? Crowds numbering over 50 outside the gates of Buckingham Palace? Monarchists camped out for days at the hospital wrapped in the Union Jack & one grown man with a baby pacifier (dummy in British) in his mouth? Betty actually flashing a toothy grin? (Or had she just finished counting her gold bullion?) Throngs of international media when thousands of babies are born every day?

Most appropriate of all are the bookies taking odds on the KKKKid’s name. Sentimental fools are hoping for “Diana.” Who cares what they name her when you have to call her by a feudal title?

What they’re doing in England is bad enough. But if you want to see unseemly, check out US television. The announcers coo over royalty like the US War of Independence never happened. Australia actually reintroduced royal titles; Canada still acts like a colony & politicians grovel when the moochocracy visits; Irish Republicans like Gerry Adams & Martin McGuinness make jackasses of themselves by scraping & bowing to Betty Windsor like she actually was a queen. Simple-minded groveling has been replaced by crawling on your belly like a reptile.

So we do wish the KKKKid well but not a whit more than every other child born. And we wish the speediest destruction of feudalism–a medieval monstrosity if there ever was one.

(Photo of the Town Crier outside the hospital by Geoff Pugh)

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