Enough with the parsing distinctions among two-bit hacks! How about some politics?

Once again, I have a long waiting list of mostly Kashmiris & Palestinians who are involved in momentous historic struggles & who I would like to engage with politically. To make room for them, I’m deleting those I never engage with or whose schtick is lesser evil parsing, now between Stein, Clinton, & Drumpf, which leaves me cold as an approach to such consequential questions as war, occupation, ethnic cleansing, & colonialism.

In order to lesser evil anybody you have to ignore politics as if they were cumbersome irrelevancies. That is just so not me. My socialist tradition doesn’t tolerate compromises on those issues. That’s why I’ve stuck with that tradition whilst being denounced as a sectarian.

I’m not copping an attitude toward anyone, just prioritizing. Proceed ahead with the parsing; just leave me out of it. To me there are touchstones in politics & war & occupation are primary. If you can put aside the criminalities of Clinton & Drumpf or the compromises of Stein on those questions, my mind begins to fry, my eyes go crossed, & my snoring becomes a public nuisance. No insult is intended. No endearment either.