Ending verbal abuse & bullying: a tutorial from the battlefield

Bullying photo


Recently, someone reminded me of this piece I wrote last year about how to defend ourselves against verbal abuse–which seems to be a hallmark of social media. Women in particular get hammered with it. Either that or we get ignored.

I’m reposting it because I learned the hard way how to ward off abuse. Now that I’m a senior, I would like young people to bypass the difficult learning process, to understand what’s going on in abuse, & learn how to handle it without internalizing or spending years wondering what the hell is wrong with you that others take liberties with your dignity.

My hope is that you will learn from this & let it make you a monster in warding off insults. Once you see that you don’t have to tolerate it, that there are techniques you can develop (in front of a mirror, no less) to stop it, you will love the liberty of holding fast to your dignity.

My beloved friend Trista Hendren reposted it on her blog & I am reposting it from there.