Elizabeth Warren almost endorses Bernie Sanders: turds of a feather

You can learn a lot watching Elizabeth Warren in action–especially about evasion & equivocation. She says it’s too early to endorse Bernie Sanders for president but she just loves his rhetoric & the way he blows smoke up our butts. Well she didn’t put it that way but you always have to interpret equivocators since talking straight isn’t their forte.

Bernie Sanders doesn’t represent lesser evil politics so much as he does a messiah vision of politics, the hope that somebody will come along & make the system fair. The system is too far gone for that. But when you want to assess Sanders–or Warren, for that matter–you have to ask what is their stand on Palestine & Israel? And they both stink.

Why does that matter fundamentally & not in a secondary way? Because it raises all the problems of neoliberalism, the barbaric phase of capitalism: colonialism; occupation; land theft; apartheid; ethnic cleansing; incarceration of children & political opponents of occupation; no due process for prisoners; torture; the fate of refugees; militarism; US & European control over entire regions of the world like the Middle East & Africa.

If all that is okay with Sanders & Warren for Israel against Palestinians, then where do they draw the line? And where do we? Are they exempt from the iron law of social transformation that “an injury to one is an injury to all” just because they talk a good game?

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