Don’t let the barbarisms get you down!

There are lots of ugly, cruel things going on in this world & if we’re not careful we can grow cynical & misanthropic. Misanthropy is often blamed on old age, as if aging made you dumber, when in theory it ought to make you wiser. But sometimes the barbarisms just wear you out.

That’s why it’s good to keep your eyes on children (rebellious teenagers might not be the most inspiring focus–unless you love their antics). Kids will keep you grounded in reality. More importantly, they’ll keep you inspired & motivated to change things since it is so not right to raise them in a world unsuited for them to live & love in.

This sweet girl is from Q’ero, Peru. Keep her beautiful little face in mind next time you’re tempted to give up on the human race.

(Photo by Kazuyoshi Nomachi)

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