Doctors protest Indian army violence in Srinagar

Docs protesting Aug 10 2016Docs protesting Aug 10 2016 (2)Docs protesting Aug 10 2016 (3)

During the murderous siege of Gaza in 2014, including the bombing of hospitals & ambulances, the role of medical personnel was extraordinary because they continued to pull the injured out of rubble & bring them for treatment whilst under aerial bombardment & despite what must have been overwhelming grief & trauma for them.

Now we see the same phenomenon in Kashmir with doctors protesting in the streets against pellet munitions which are blinding & crushing the lives of so many, including small children, & must be living hell for medical personnel to deal with.

These are photos of doctor’s protesting outside SMHS hospital in Srinagar. Our deepest respect because they must be exhausted & overwhelmed. And still they protest.

End the occupation. Stop the use of pellet guns. Self-determination for Kashmir.

(Photos from Twitter)