Socialists moving to right to support Stein/Baraka

Some better known socialist individuals & groups are endorsing & actively campaigning for Jill Stein & Ajamu Baraka, her running mate. This is a triumph of form over content, of sectarian factionalism over politics, of upper middle-class reform politics. It is the triumph of parochial politics over internationalism since both Stein & Baraka are so weak, if not dead wrong, on important questions like militarism, Syria, & Palestine, & silent on Kashmir.

Those who have chosen Stein & Baraka over endorsing the several socialists running are not taking anybody by surprise since sectarianism is the hallmark of their political agenda.

This is not to call them out for condemnation because it is a regrettable, even tragic, manifestation of the crisis the socialist movement sustains internationally. It explains why socialist organizations are unwilling to forge a united front around the issues of war, occupation, colonialism, immigration & every other issue.

Let it be said clearly that those who cannot overcome factional self-interests & group loyalties to stand united against so many monstrous wars have an expiration date printed on their logo. The perilous times we live in call for hammering out unity in action regardless of doctrinal differences. Nothing is more imperative, nothing doctrinal trumps the necessity of unity in opposing wars.